Armored Gardens Patio/Facebook Photo
Armored Gardens Patio/Facebook Photo

There's a new barbeque restaurant in downtown Davenport with pretty high tech craft beer garden. How can a beer garden be high tech, you might ask?

According to an story and their Facebook page, co-owner Dan Bush says he’s wiring the kegs to special software that will monitor the beer volume and send that information through the internet. Bush says lovers of certain brews will never be surprised by their preferred kegs being dry when they arrive.

“So, if you’re on Facebook, if you’re on the website or if you’re on the app, you can just pull it up on your phone,” Bush says. “You can see in real time what’s running low, so if it’s one of your favorites, you can come down and get it.”

The software also teaches customers about the beer — what brewery it comes from, how much alcohol is in it, and even what type of glass it’s served in.

The restaurant has a full size outdoor patio with a life size chess game.

Bush plans to offer about 104 varieties of craft beer when Armored Gardens opens on Oct. 27 on Davenport’s Pershing Street, across the street from the historic Hotel Blackhawk.

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