Could you imagine it being illegal to pump your own gas? A new proposed bill in Illinois would make it against the law for you to do the simplest thing, pump your own gas.

Illinois State Representative Camille Lilly of the 78th District (D-Oak Park) introduced the Gas Station Attendant Act last week. This would require a gas station attendant to pump your gas for you. If you pumped gas on your own, you would be breaking the law.

This is House Bill 4571, and if passed, will take effect on Jan.1st, 2021.

New Jersey is the only state in the United States that requires a gas station attendant to pump your own gas.

I will have to say, after my experience at a gas station in Clinton the other day, it's not a bad idea. As I was pumping gas, a teenager was trying to fill her car, or parents car, with gas and couldn't figure out how to get the gas cap open. Apparently they don't teach that in drivers ed or common sense school anymore??? It was frightening.

Whether you think this is a good or bad idea, it got me thinking about videos of people driving off destroying gas pumps. So here are a few!

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