These are 'nacho' ordinary nachos. They're called 'Tin Can' nachos and customers of Tap 22 in Silvis are raving.

According to a QC Times article the nachos are created within a tin can. Layers of house made tortilla chips, queso, shredded cheese, smoked brisket, cilantro, onions, tomatoes and jalapenos are melted within the tin and the can is removed before serving. The appetizer is then served with special 'Tap 22' sauce.

Take a look at some of the comments for this delicious dish on Tap 22's FB page. 

 "These were so yummy and love the presentation."

              "Better be hungry; it's a lot of food," and "the best!"

The owners at Tap 22 say the nachos are the most popular item on the menu. They make about 120 orders of these a day.

The restaurant which opened in February is located off of 1st Street in the building formerly housed by restaurants such as Olympic Flame and PK Dugan’s. I'll see you there; my mouth is watering. 


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