My daughter alerted me after reading a social media post saying, "Governor's is being torn down." That's crazy I thought; I was just there enjoying their famous nachos on the deck while watching the Hawkeye game. After some further research, I learned Governor's will be relocating, THEN razed and replaced by a HyVee gas station.

I still feel a little bummed. I may resist change a bit even if it's good change. Governors is a nostalgic place for our family. I started going there when it was a pizza place and continued having lunch several times a week after it became "Governor's" when I worked nearby. I used to meet my grandmother there for a drink (she was a super hip grandma!) and we had Sunday brunch with my mom, siblings and their families there for years. I have many fond memories at 'Gov's.'

I'm glad the restaurant isn't closing. They'll be relocating and I'm sure I'll follow wherever they go, but even with the many remodels over the years, the restaurant still had that same feel and familiarity. A new place at a new location won't be the same.

It's a positive that our local grocery store is expanding. Economic development is generally a good thing. More services and amenities will be available to Quad City residents. A coffee shop and gas station is planned for the area where Governor's currently lives.

I'll try to look forward to creating new memories in a new space, but please Governor's; don't get rid of your nachos, fish frys, friendly staff and outdoor seating. Too much change might not be a good thing!

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