Some parts of northeastern Iowa saw close to 10 inches of rain late last weekend and early this past weekend. All that water is now headed downstream and will result in flooding on both the Mississippi and Rock rivers in the Quad Cities this week.

The National Weather Service in Davenport is predicting a 16.'4" crest for the Rock River in Moline. That is one inch below the all-time high water level.

The Mississippi is expected to crest at 16.5" as well. That predicted crest was dialed back by a full-inch from earlier levels meaning fewer areas will see water. Credit Island, LeClaire Park in Davenport, and the 4700 block of River Drive in Moline will see water. Downtown Rock Island shouldn't have issues as the water will just lap at the bottom of the floodgates in Schweibert Park.

If you know anyone in the flood zone, see if there is anything you can do to help them out over the next couple of days.


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