WQAD Chief Meteorologist James Zahara dug up the weather records and discovered the coldest March 4th occurred in 1960 when the high was 14. So did we break a record today?

It may depend on what part of the Quad Cities you live in. Those of us in Davenport may have. At 3:52 PM the temperature at the Davenport Municipal Airport  topped out at 12 degrees. The next hour it was 10. This according to NOAA.

The story was a little bit different in Moline. At Quad City International Airport the record low was tied with a 14 degree reading at 2:52PM. At 4:52 it is 13. Considering that "official" weather data is measured at the Quad City International Airport, we may not have broken a record but tied it.

All I do know is that a year ago the weather was nice enough to take my car to the car wash and give it a big 'ol bath. Sadly, that is not the case this year. We're not done with the snow either. The National Weather Service's web site says we can expect a gradual warm up and perhaps two inches of snow Thursday.

I don't know about you, but I'd dress warmly for this year's Grand Parade on Saturday March 16. You might also see if you can find a pair of green boots. With this year's weather it wouldn't surprise me if it snows. At least the green beer will keep us warm,

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