We've made it through a snowy January and a week or two of really cold weather. Now it's going to be so cold you could get frostbite in five minutes.

Your Local Pinpoint Forecast from our news partner Local 4 is predicting really cold temperatures over the next 48 hours. Tonight's low is expected to be -4 with a windchill of -25. Tomorrow night's low -22 with a windchill of -50. Wednesday night's low -26 with a windchill of negative -55. These temperatures and wind chills on Tuesday and Wednesday are cold enough to cause frost bite on exposed skin in five minutes.

The daytime highs aren't expected to be much better. 3 on Tuesday, -13 on Wednesday and 3 on Thursday. Friday, as we start February is expected to be 29.

As we wrap up January 2019 the month is slated to be the second snowiest on record for the Quad Cities. Local 4 says just under two feet of snow has fallen this month. The only other year the QC saw more snow in January... 1979. That year the Quad Cities saw about two feet and three inches of snow.

I will be glad to put January in the rear view mirror. Hopefully with the bitter cold and snow. If you have to be out and about the next couple nights bundle up and be careful. If  you can just stay in, do it. Preferably under a warm blanket, with some cookies and a hot cup of cocoa.


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