As a kid growing up O'Hare was always known as the "World's Busiest Airport". That ended in 2005 when Atlanta's airport took the title from O'Hare. O'Hare got it back in 2014, then lost it again in 2016. This according to The Chicago Tribune. As we start 2019 the title is back in Chicago at O'Hare Airport.

ABC 7 reports that O'Hare knocked Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson Airport to the number two spot based on the more than 900,000 arrivals and departures that came through O'Hare last year.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual told ABC 7:

The record number of passengers in 2018 is a testament to the investments we are making to build Chicago's aviation future. With more people visiting Chicago every year, our modernization programs at O'Hare and Midway will keep passengers connected to our two leading gateway airports, and will fuel new opportunities for the City and the region for years to come.

It really doesn't matter if O'Hare is the busiest airport or not. The truth is parking is expensive. You walk for miles to get to your gate. And if a light thunder shower happens to go by there's a good shot my airline is going to cancel my, and everyone else's flight. First, second, third, tenth, it's just not a fun airport to navigate as an adult.

I'd much rather avoid it as much as possible and fly out from Quad City International Airport, where the worst parking space would be considered a "get" at O'Hare. And you'll be at your gate within two minutes of passing through security.

That said, my inner kid. The one who liked the people movers to get you from the terminal to the United gates with the funky lights and music. The kid who prized getting those junior pilots wings airlines gave out. He's glad that O'Hare is once again The World's Busiest Airport.

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