There's another scam going around. This time targeting MidAmerican Energy customers. The Quad City Times says customers in both Iowa and Illinois have been receiving calls demanding immediate payment of their bill over the phone. MidAmerican tells the paper that these scammers are aggressive, persistent and threaten to turn service off if the customer doesn't pay. In addition the scammers are spoofing the caller ID so it seems like the call is legitimately coming from MidAmerican.

MidAmerican Energy has a page set up to battle scammers. In their tips to not be a victim the company reminds customers disconnection is a last resort, not something done when your bill is a few days late. MidAmerican Energy also says they'll never use threatening or aggressive tactics to get customers to pay. Ask for payment over the phone. Or Accept pre paid debit cards as a form of payment. MidAmerican Energy even produced this video available on their YouTube page:

If you receive what you think is a scam call you should call your local police or sheriff's office. Then report the scam to MidAmerican Energy by calling the number on your electric bill.

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