For a split second as I walked around my apartment I thought I witnessed a crime scene yesterday. It only took a second to realize immediately that it was nothing nearly that seriously, but man what a random thing to see in an Iowa alleyway.

If you live in the QCA you know it's a very colorful place with interesting people, so something like this almost seems normal now.

I do have to ask myself though, who ripped the head off of a doll and then left the body and head just sitting in the middle of the alley? What lead to this outcome?!

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Maybe it was the wind, but the body being so far from the head was also weird to see. The head is also very creepy to look at. I actually didn't even move it because of how creepy it was. No one else did either since it was still there this morning.

Doll Head

Clearly, someone was just throwing away old toys, but with the body and head being the only things in the road it was just a really weird sight to see.

Doll body

At this point, I shouldn't even be surprised about this kind of goofy scene. Especially after the Weed plant incident, but I still wanted to grab a pic of the thing that made me double-take the other day. What do you think? Is that a creepy doll head, or just a normal doll head in the middle of the road? Will anyone ever pick it up? My guess is no. It will just eventually blow away and haunt a new alley.

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