Looking to add new plants, condos, or caves to your aquarium? Head over to the Quad City Fish Swap to give your aquarium a spring makeover.

According to the Quad City Fish Swap's Facebook event page the swap offers a huge selection of freshwater fish and plants. Additionally it's the place to pick up new and used equipment, decor and supplies.

The Quad City Fish Swap is this Sunday, February 17, at the Golden Leaf Banquet Center from Noon to 4PM CT. There will be no early admission to the fish show.

If I were looking at setting up an aquarium and I knew this event was happening it'd be the event I'd go to. It sounds like there will be plenty of people with knowledge of aquariums, that will be happy to help you learn about fish and fish tanks. Plus the equipment you need to get all set up that might not be a budget buster.

You can learn more about the Quad City Fish Swap here.


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