This guy wins Valentine's Day.

A man in Decatur, Ala. (apparently a new hot bed of romance) sent a singing telegram (yes, that's still a thing) to a female friend asking if she'd be his girlfriend. Naturally, it was captured on video and has gone viral because if all we need is love, the need for attention runs a close second.

Ashley Williams is the singer in question. She went into a Walmart where she found the woman and walked around the store with her, singing the classic "Stand By Me" while people around the store held out signs reading, "Will," "You," "Be" and "My" before approaching the man while he held a sign that said "Girlfriend."

The woman gave the man a big ol' wet one on the lips, so we're guessing she's totally cool with dating him (we told you he wins Valentine's Day, unlike these suckers). If she wasn't, man, this video could've had a much more awkward ending and may have gone viral for totally different reasons.

But, hey, you've gotta put yourself out there in matters of love and the heart and it paid off for this guy.

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