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Are declining sales of CDs threatening their existence? We'll be giving away more Guess Who tix at 7:20. The Winter Olympics begin tonight; will you be watching? And, McDonalds has a blingy new burger you can wear.

1. Is this the end of the compact disc. One local retailer will plans to remove CDs from store this summer. Let us know what you think on at our Facebook page for my Question of the Day. 

2. The Guess Who will perform live at Rhythm City Casino and Resort this Saturday (Feb 10) night. Listen for The Guess Who song of the day at 7:20 am for your cute to call in and win. 

3. The 2018 Winter Olympics begin tonight. We'll talk about highlights during That Sports Thing at 7:30.

4.This Valentine’s Day, McDonald’s is giving away its most decadent Big Mac burger to date — and you can wear it on your finger.  I'll tell you more during That Entertainment Thing at 8:30 am. Have a great Thursday. -Tami

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