It's easy to say you live in the best neighborhood ever, but what if we told you one of the coolest was not to far away and located in Illinois? Who knows, you may even live there! got the numbers, and we have the answer. It's time to see the coolest neighborhood in Illinois.

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How They Got These Numbers

The idea of the "coolest" place to live is a bit goofy, I know... but the way got these numbers and back up the results with locations, events, projects, and more is very interesting.

In most of their study as seen with the most beautiful cities in Illinois, they get around  27,000 voters to give their input.

For this timeout reported that they spent 18 months putting together their research for this list.

Every year, Time Out's editorial staff receives a shortlist of neighborhoods based on thousands of reader responses, which are then meticulously vetted and ranked according to criteria ranging from food and drink to nightlife and culture (Uptown garnered our No. 1 pick in 2020).

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The Second Coolest City In The USA

The coolest city in Illinois and the second coolest in Illinois is called Andersonville.

Andersonville is a neighborhood in Chicago and according to it's pretty great,

Robust community programming, such as the annual Taste of Andersonville or Andersonville Homecoming fest, showcases local businesses and offers residents a chance to mix and mingle in the street. And charmingly, the neighborhood hasn't abandoned its Scandinavian roots—look no further than the massive Swedish flag decorating the water tower atop the Swedish American Museum or the various Scandi-inspired eateries on Clark.

They also have a lot of big plans for the future that you can learn about here with the "Andersonville, Chicago: the ultimate guide to the neighborhood"

From iconic eateries like Middle East Bakery and Grocery to rare spots like 'Woolly Mammoth.' the site has a list of things to do on any day of the year. check out that guide here. They go on to state,

A small neighborhood that straddles the border of Edgewater and Uptown on Chicago's far North Side, Andersonville is best known for its lively Clark Street corridor, its LGBTQ community and a water tower emblazoned with a Swedish flag that sits atop a museum.

It looks like many agree that this neighborhood is one of the best. Have you been there? What do you think? let us know on our App.

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