The Voice is getting ready to return for Season 17, and from the looks of a trailer released in advance, the competition turns especially fierce from the word go.

In a seven-minute-plus trailer released to YouTube, fans get a sneak preview of the first few minutes of the new season. The very first artist to turn in a blind audition on the stage of The Voice creates a frenzy among the judges, causing Blake Shelton, John Legend and Gwen Stefani to battle it out over what may be one of the most promising voices ever to appear on the show, while an extremely frustrated Kelly Clarkson is blocked and forced to sit it out.

The judges end up in a verbal skirmish with the cameras rolling as Legend and Shelton try to blame each other for blocking Clarkson, who isn't buying Shelton's argument at all.

"I am gonna take you down, Shelton!" she exclaims.

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Click the video above to hear and see what may go down as one of the most jaw-dropping auditions in the history of the iconic reality singing competition, and take a look at the judges as they interact backstage before the show.

Stefani is returning to the show for Season 17 to fill the empty seat Adam Levine's unexpected departure left after 16 seasons, but she's not going to take it easy on her boyfriend, Shelton. In the trailer, she declares flatly, "This is war" when Legend asks her if she intends to be competitive with the country singer.

The Voice Season 17 premieres on Monday (Sept. 23) on NBC.

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