Do you ever find yourself looking at life like a game? How can I do the best, while also finding cheap, quick, and easy ways to do said best.

If you're someone who is always looking for a way to save a couple extra bucks, this list is for you! You might not think about when the cheapest day to buy gas, wine, or even tickets is. Until now.

Here are the 14 cheapest days to do almost anything -

1. The cheapest day to get gas -early Monday morning (avoid Friday & Saturday) 


2. The cheapest day to buy wine - Tuesday (avoid Wednesday) 


3. The cheapest day to go to Disney World - MSN Says "Currently, a one-day weekday in the month of April costs $115-$126. A Sunday pass or a Saturday pass in April will cost you upwards of $130, with Saturday being the most costly."

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4. The cheapest day to buy a house - Monday


5. The cheapest day to buy beer - Monday (avoid Saturday)

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6. The cheapest day to fly - Tuesday and Wednesday


7. The cheapest day to book a hotel - Friday and Saturday


8. The cheapest day to shop for groceries - Wednesday and Thursday 


9. The cheapest day to buy a car - Monday


10. The cheapest day to buy a laptop - Monday


11. The cheapest day to eat out with kids - Tuesday you can catch the most deals 

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12. The cheapest day to go to the mall - Saturday and Sunday

Sanja Radin

13. The cheapest day to shop for beauty products - Monday 


Now, there's A TON of different reasons and research that went into these findings. You can check that all out here.

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