Every month is good month to purchase some items, while waiting to purchase others will save you some money. Here's what's good to buy in the month of September according to

  • Mattresses - A lot of mattress stores will be having a Labor Day sale with significant discounts. In addition to checking out mattress stores, don't forget about department stores. also says it's a great time to shop for furniture and appliances as well.
  • iPhone - It's rumored Apple will announce a new iPhone in September. If you want a bargain; or you're a couple of models behind. Apple tends to discount last years model by about $100 dollars. Stores tend to pass these savings on to consumers who are good with buying the hot iPhone from a year ago.
  • Plane tickets - If you're looking at flying to visit family over the holidays book your holiday air travel now. did some research and finds that holiday airfares increase in October through the holidays.

Two items you might want to skip buying in September:

  • Halloween / Costumes / Fall Decor - As we head towards the fall and Halloween, you're not going to get deals on these. If you can use last year's decor or wear last year's costume you'll save some cash. The deals on these items happen after Halloween.
  • Television Sets - If you can put off getting a new television, do it. There are two times to get a deal on a TV: Black Friday and right before the Big Game in January.

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