I think I can prove with science that a certain deer fawn is a Evel Knievel fan. A new video shows a daredevil deer jumping off of a 50 foot waterfall and lived.

The person that shared this video seemed quite startled by what she witnessed. Here's how she described what she saw:

I was at Tahquamenon Falls in Luce County, Michigan. There was a fawn running down the river towards us and we all thought it was so cute so I started recording. Then I realized the deer wasn’t going to stop and it was approaching the waterfall. It fell down the waterfall and I thought it was dead until a few minutes later when I saw it swimming again!

As you might imagine, the comments on YouTube have been highly entertaining. Here are a few of my favorites:

Colin Black - He Tarzan. They...Jane.

MyTube Recap - Deer Deep Diving. 11/10

Cattdaddy n Cornflake - When mother calls you home, you get there by any means you can…

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You have to wonder what that deer fawn might have been running from. Did a bear also jump over the waterfall a minute or two later? If so, I promise to follow up with a video update.

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