Despite the state law, local municipalities are still permitted to craft their own ordinance for fireworks use. They can permit use during the same time as sales; set their own usage dates, or ban use altogether.

Davenport is weighing its options in regards to drafting rules for fireworks use, but many city councilors believe that despite the rules, unauthorized use is almost impossible to regulate. They're right. And that's disappointing.

As I noted when I first started following this story, back in early March, as someone who has to get to bed early to get up early, and is a fairly light sleeper, I am not a fan of fireworks. The noise also causes issues for dogs, and veterans with PTSD. Often closing windows and running equipment to drown out the noise isn’t effective.

Despite rules and times set for use of fireworks, complaints to the police about unauthorized use continue, and police remain under-staffed and unable to really enforce any restrictions.

Many will note that this isn't the type of crime we want police worrying about, but consider the economic and health effects the late-night disturbances can have on people, vets, and pets.

One can only hope that fireworks users will consider their neighbors as fireworks "season" approaches.


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