We're used to it in this area. Especially this time of year.  Seems like the weather man on the TV is spouting off about winds and rain and tornados every other day.

Around 5 pm they say we could get some weather that may make your commute a bit trickier than normal. So while this is nothing new...it certainly doesn't mean we shouldn't pay attention.

According to US National Weather Service Quad Cities Iowa/Illinois:

A cluster of showers and thunderstorms over south-central Iowa will continue to move to the east-southeast through this afternoon, into portions of southeast Iowa and northern Missouri -- gusty winds, lightning, and small hail are the primary threats.


Additional storms are likely to develop mid to late afternoon out ahead of the main line, with scattered coverage anticipated over all of eastern Iowa and northwest/west-central Illinois.


So, What do we need to do?

Keep an eye on the skies and don't make any unnecessary trips out of the house.  Doesn't look like it's too severe but better safe than sorry.

What App Do You Use?

Follow your favorite meteorologist and download your trusty weather app and make sure your notifications are turned on.  If the power goes out, these will alert you if and when trouble comes your way.

What to Plan For

If you have some of those "mobile chargers" for your phone, it's a great idea to get those charged up.  They have saved my butt on more than a few occasions.  Having a bit more juice if you lose power is a great feeling.

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