An Iowa Senate subcommittee has passed up a bill to the Senate Judiciary Committee that would allow Iowans to buy, own and carry a gun without a permit. This according to KWWL.

Supporters of so called constitutional carry laws like this say that permits and fees to own a gun contradict the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Opponents cite safety concerns as a reason not to pass the bill.

I fall on the side of those who have concerns about anyone being able to purchase, own and carry a gun with no permit. No record. No required basic training. Why? Because back when the constitution was written, I suspect gun ownership was part of survival. I suspect almost everyone owned one, knew how to use it, and respected the fact that it has one job: To kill living things.

People that push for these laws either live in fantasy-land where they think everyone getting a gun will properly learn how to use it, be thoughtful in how they store it, and exercise great judgement if their ever in a situation where they might need it. Or they just plain believe that it's ok for some people to die by guns because the founders of our country probably never thought people would be dumb enough to own a gun and not know how to use it.

I don't have a problem with gun owners. I have a problem with stupid gun owners. That's who I worry about. If you've got a gun and you regularly go to the range, practice fire arm safety, have considered how you'll react if you find yourself in a position to need to use it. And  you're legally allowed to own a gun. Carry away, it might make society safer.

It's the gun owner whose fascinated with the power the gun gives him or her that scares me. It's the gun owner who has the fire arm for "personal protection" but hasn't been to the range to shoot it since he or she bought it that scares me. It's the gun owner who hasn't thought out the scenarios where he or she might need to use it that scares me.

I have a right to expect that if you buy, own, carry a gun you know how to use it properly and can exercise good judgement.  Sadly, that's not all gun owners. Until it is all gun owners, I'm fine with the government exercising oversight of gun owners, purchases and how and when one can carry.

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