I've driven by the former Outback Steakhouse location in Davenport for what seems like forever and wondered when the new restaurant there would open. This Sunday is the day.

Yummy Crab is opening for business this Sunday, July 25 at noon so you can finally get your crabby seafood fix. I'm new to Yummy Crab, but lots of Davenport social media users talk about Yummy Crab's East Peoria and Springfield, Illinois locations. People have been asking about this place since October.

I'm trying to learn more about why Yummy Crab is so yummy. I haven't been able to find their menu on the Davenport Yummy Crab Facebook page, so I did some digging.

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I found the Yummy Crab Omaha menu online. Take a look at it here.

Yummy Crab Omaha
Yummy Crab Omaha

In addition to plenty of crab menu items, you'll find catfish, shrimp, oysters, mussels, clams and even chicken fingers and hush puppies. The crawfish boil looks tasty.

Yummy Crab is hiring too in case you're looking for a job.

Now I'm hungry for seafood. Looks like you can get lobster too and the restaurant specializes in crazy crab combos. Reviews from the East Peoria restaurant seemed positive.

It looks like the Davenport Yummy Crab is slowing adding more information to their social media page. You can follow it here.

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