Jeff Lynn from the Work Release Drive Home program on KIIK 104-9 constantly hovers over me when we go out for lunch to ensure I am tipping adequately.  Tipping for me is commensurate to the level of service I receive. I'll at least leave the traditional 15% unless the experience was a train wreck.

According a study commissioned by, the following groups are the best tippers:

  • Men
  • Republicans
  • Northeasterners
  • Baby boomers
  • Anyone who tips with a credit or debit card

All those groups leave at least 20%. Women, by contrast, leave a median tip of 16%, and the median for Southerners and Democrats is 15%.

How generous are Iowans at tipping? The entire Midwest tends to tip 20%, with coffee shop baristas most likely to receive a tip.

The worst tippers? Big groups of young people, according to servers spoken to by the surveyors.... and me according to Jeff Lynn.

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