Did you know you're required to shovel your sidewalk? That's right. It's the law. It's your responsibility to shovel your sidewalk. Davenport residents are required to remove snow from their sidewalks within 24 hours after the end of snowfall. Davenport isn't the only place in the Quad Cities residents are asked to keep the sidewalks clear either.

In Bettendorf, residents are asked to do the same thing although 48 hours is given to get the sidewalks clear before the City starts enforcement. Moline residents need to remove snow and ice within 12 hours of the end of snowfall, unless it snows at night. Then residents have 12 hours from sunrise. East Moline residents are given 24 hours from the end of snowfall, or if at night, 24 hours from sunrise to shovel their walks.

Want some tips on how to snow blow or shovel your driveway? Check out this article from Consumer Reports.


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