Need a little luck this week? Why not take home four tippy tappy rabbit's feet!

Our featured animal this week is Milo the rabbit. He's round, tan and handsome (and neutered, don't worry). Milo loves to be pet, particularly between his ears, and has been looking for a family since May.


Milo is a pet that likes a lot of attention; once he warms up, he's very social. He likes veggies – leafy greens, celery and bananas – but he also likes wires so make sure you keep your phone cord away from him!

According to the Humane Society, rabbits need wood blocks to keep their front teeth from growing too long. When they're happy they do "binkys" which is a kind of run, hop, kick/flip.

Milo has a tan body, but has a snow white cottontail, and it's adorable. All he needs is a family to give him some love everyday! He's available for $50 over at the Humane Society of Scott County now.



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