The Child Abuse Council's biggest and most visible event is Lifesaver Canister Day and they're looking for volunteers to help raise awareness and funds for the Child Abuse Council's programs and services. Lifesaver Canister Day is Friday April 20th and the group is looking for volunteers from 8:30AM - 4:00PM. All funds raised stay in the Quad Cities and surrounding communities and support child abuse and prevention activities. Over 2,500 children and 4,000 adults benefit from the services of the Child Abuse Council. To learn more about volunteering for this event click here.

The Child Abuse Council "leads community efforts to eliminate child abuse and neglect by strengthening children and families through treatment, education and prevention." According to their website, the groups goals for every child are "(1) a safe and nurturing home; (2) a secure parent-child relationship; and (3) an environment supporting successful growth and development." In order to do this they need our support in the form of donations and volunteers.

If you or someone you know needs the resources or services of the Child Abuse Council click here.


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