Just 11 days left until Christmas.

1 - It's another cold morning in the Quad Cities. Partly Cloudy skies will keep us from warming up to much today, but the weekend will see warmer temps. Your Local 4 News Pinpoint Forecast is here.

2 - The Quad City Mallards open a 3-game road trip at Indy tonight. Details and scores when we do That Sports Thing at about 7:30am.

3 - Just one more day to get tickets to see It's A Mystery's Teach Me To Murder at Skellington Manor and Event Center tomorrow night. More entertainment news when we do That Entertainment Thing at About 8:30am.

4 - Quad City smokers could be paying more for cigarettes soon. Natalie has the details in a blog on our website at KIIK1049.com.

Have a great Thursday.

- Craig

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