According to the City of Davenport Facebook page CitiBus will be using City vans and sedans with minimal passenger seating to run their regularly scheduled bus routes for the remainder of the day.

Apparently CitiBus is having issues with diesel gelling due to the cold temperatures. This is causing operational issues for the CitiBus fleet. CitiBus is asking people to only use their service for critical transportation needs like getting to or from work. They're asking riders to consider using alternate transportation if that's available to them.

CitiBus hopes to have their buses back on the road and resume normal service tomorrow, Thursday January 31, between Noon and 2PM CT assuming temperatures rise above freezing.

The Stretch I-74 shuttle route will continue to run 1 hour service through tomorrow, Thursday January 31. Buses will depart Burlington Coat Factory at :45 after the hour and Moline at :15 after the hour. Service will be available from 5:45AM through 6:15PM CT. The Stretch shuttle route will resume normal operations on Friday.

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