A refurbished bus is now a mobile boutique helping local kids in need. The former school bus, outfitted with clothes and accessories, is called Maddie's Closet and is up and running thanks in part to a $15,000 grant from Royal Neighbors of America.

Kelly Cook and her daughter Madison came up with the idea of accepting donated clothing and accessories and finding a way to get coats, jeans, dresses and toiletries to those in need. According to a QC Times article Kelly Cook says, "Take what you need. It's all free."

The fist school drop off is set for Sept. 26 at Mid-City High School, an alternative school in Davenport. Cook is working on other drop off dates and locations. The project began this summer with a Go Fund me request of $1200 and has taken off from there. Donations are taken by Cook who works with her daughter and volunteers to display and distribute clothing and hygiene products.

To date the organization who plans to file for non-profit status has helped outfit more than 100 students. For more information you can find Maddie's Closet on Facebook.  

Kelly and Maddie Cook
Maddie's Closet/Maddiescloset.org

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