Davenport Citibus reps say new buses have hit the streets in Davenport. Federal grants and state funding covered the costs of the buses which had a $414,198  price tag for each.

The five new buses are expected to last 12 years, but with good maintenance, officials say they can be used much longer which will save the department thousands of dollars in maintenance fees.

According to the City of Davenport news release, the new buses will make their first appearance on seven CitiBus Routes.

As part of the integration, the buses will be assigned different routes and driver blocks every day to ensure that patrons on all CitiBus routes will, at some point, have access to the new buses.  Based on the current CitiBus schedules, the new buses will cycle through the system once every three days.

“The new buses replace buses nearing the end of useful life, support a more reliable fleet and offer upgraded rider conditions”, said John Powell, CitiBus Transit Manager. “With these buses we now have a relatively young bus fleet, especially when compared to many other transit operations throughout the country.”

The new buses Include a system that allows riders to track the bus on the CitiBus app and a fare-box,that allows riders to scan a bus card when boarding.

According to an Our Quad Cities article,  CitiBus will also be installing announcing systems on all their buses in the next few months.

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