As I reported last week, another round of construction begins Thursday to try and alleviate congestion on John Deere Road in Moline.

Here are the details of the closures and lane realignments from Rick Rector at the Quad City Times...

Work on the John Deere Road widening project resumes Thursday.  The work involves reconstruction of the eastbound lanes of John Deere Road and improvements to the following side streets: 38th Street, 41st Street, 53rd Street, 60th Street and 70th Street.

The first item of work will be to shift the side streets into a one-lane in each direction configuration.

At 53rd Street, traffic will be shifted to one lane in each direction on the east side of the street, allowing for reconstruction of the west side of 53rd Street.

Once that work is completed, the same concept will be applied to:

• 60th Street, with one lane in each direction of travel on the east side of the street.

• 70th Street will be changed to one lane in each direction on the west side of the street.

Also 38th Street will be closed to northbound traffic heading to John Deere Road. To gain access to John Deere Road from 38th Street, drivers will need to take 41st Avenue Drive to 41st Street.

Then westbound John Deere Road will be shifted north onto temporary pavement constructed last construction season. A temporary barrier will then be placed on John Deere Road from the crossover east of Interstate 74 and John Deere Road interchange to the crossover east of 70th Street.

Then eastbound John Deere Road will be shifted into a head-to-head configuration in the westbound lanes. Each direction of John Deere Road will have two lanes in each direction with dedicated left turn lanes at 41st, 53rd, 60th and 70th streets. The only exception will be westbound John Deere Road coming up to 70th Street will be restricted to one lane until after the 70th Street intersection.

Traffic on John Deere Road will be head-to-head for the 2017 construction season. The estimated switch date is March 27.

When traffic is shifted to the head-to-head configuration, the ramp from westbound I-74 (traveling north) to eastbound John Deere Road will be closed. The scheduled closure for the ramp is March 27.

For westbound I-74 (traveling north) traffic wanting to travel on eastbound John Deere Road, a detour will be in place utilizing three clover leaves of the I-74 and John Deere Road interchange.

Sounds like a mess, but hopefully, in the end, it will make the drive along John Deere Road much smoother.

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