Dunkaroos/General Mills
Dunkaroos/General Mills

Suddenly I'm a mom of grade school kids again. My kids begged for these when they were little and now they're back in stores, but not so fast.

You won't find these in any store. So far they've only been spotted in these stores.

I've been seeing tons of photos of the cookie treats that come with their own dunk-able frosting on Instagram, but they're coming from just one place- 7-Eleven. That's right. If you want your own stash of Dunkeroos you'll have to trek to a convenience store to get 'em.

I haven't seen them yet, but apparently 7-Eleven has them in big displays and they're selling for $1.99 a pack.

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Dunkaroos have been spotted at 7-Eleven! Childhood memories!

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The brand gave away free Dunkaroos this month but if you didn't get any of those and you can't get to a 7-Eleven, 

don't fear. The company posted on Insta assuring us they'd be out at select retailers at the end of May.

Can't you just taste the frosting?

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