Let's face it, whether you live in Iowa or Illinois or any state for that matter, you hate another state.

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Thanks to everyone who voted. Tag someone from an enemy state.

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Matt Shirley likes to ask questions on Instagram to figure out basic questions we all have. He recently asked what is your home state's least favorite state and got enough answers to give us the chart above. Iowa apparently hates Nebraska (true) and Illinois hates Indiana (not sure why). A lot of these states hate their neighboring states for good reasons I'm sure, but the funniest part of about this chart is the states that hate other states not even close or if you're Florida, you hate yourself. New Jersey actually just straight up hates everyone. I've never been to New Jersey but I know people from their and that makes a lot of sense. Hawaii hates no one according to this chart. Shirley basically admits he didn't get a response from anyone in Hawaii, but Hawaiians I feel like have a hard time feeling hate at all. I mean, they are in Hawaii! Seeing this poll got me wondering, which state do you hate more? Iowa or Illinois? Just because you live in one, doesn't mean you can't hate it. Take the poll below and let us know!

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