There are a few restaurant delivery services in Davenport. There's Grub Hub, My Town 2 Go, Good 2 Go QC to name three. There are probably other services I'm not aware of either. Add another to the list. Bite Squad.

Use Bite Squad's delivery service during their grand opening this coming weekend September 14-16 and receive a one year complimentary membership to Bite Squad's subscription based service, Unlimited. Unlimited customers, according to Bite Squad, normally pay a low monthly fee that covers the cost of delivery, no matter how many times they order.

Forget the free for a second. I like the idea of paying a "low monthly fee" for unlimited delivery because the problem with a lot of these services is how much more the food costs than if you'd hop in the car, drive to the restaurant, and pick it up. Bite Squad's press kit says they don't do this. "We would never make our customers pay more for delivery food than they would pay dining in at the restaurant —we never mark up our partner restaurant menu prices!"  Delivery fees start at $2.99.

Another problem with these services is where you can get food from. I'm a picky eater, and some of these services just don't have a lot of choice. Bite Squad says they're launching with about 30 Davenport restaurants including the Tree House Pub and Eatery, Nally's Kitchen, Azteca 1, Osaka Japanese Steakhouse and Driftwood Pub to name a few. I think I could find some places to eat on this list.

If the service is as good as they say it is it could be a winner. If you're interested in trying out their service you can find more information here.


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