We're all ordering take-out or food delivery. If you're having cravings, what's your go-to food item if you live in Illinois?

UberEats broke down the most delivered food by state. According to the study, Illinois is ordering a lot of these.

What is it?

French fries.  According to CBS News,

With millions of Americans under stay-at-home orders, food delivery has been a welcome lifeline for many, and the only way some restaurants can stay in business. The food delivery service Uber Eats has revealed its list of the most popular dishes, desserts and drinks Americans in different states ordered while at home in March 2020.

We're not alone. Residents in Arizona, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington all crave French fries.

I think the survey could be flawed though. It says Iowa is ordering large poke bowls. That's raw diced fish. In the land of pork, beef and grilled tenderloins, I'm guessing they got us confused with Hawaii.

Take a look at the full list here.

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