This is absolutely terrifying if you hate clowns, but it's a genius way to prank your coworkers.

Courtesy of Hurts Donuts, you can give the gifts of donuts along with a terrifying scare.

The donut chain announced they will offer a special Halloween themed delivery during the month of October. It might be a great way to even the score at work, prank the kids, your spouse or dare I say, even the boss.

All locations are confirmed to be participating;that includes the Quad Cities.

While we don't have any specifics yet, the donut shop should begin the deliveries within the first few weeks of the month.

Sorry, no schools or banks 😂

They say they will take their special delivery ambulance and the driver will be dressed as a scary clown.

If that sounds like something you'd be into you can call their Quad Cities location at 563-200-9173.

You can only terrorize your friends if you live in a city with a Hurts Donut location.

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