If you live in Illinois you could be closer to getting a six-pack delivered to your door.

Right now, many grocery services will deliver some beer or wine with your order. But some communities in Illinois still have local laws against liquor delivery.

According to a WQAD.com story, State Sen. Don Harmon has a plan to set a single set of rules for alcohol delivery in Illinois.

He told Senators last week it’s a sign of the times kind of proposal.

“Like many families in Illinois, we have become fond of ordering our groceries for delivery. And it turns out that in some communities when you order your groceries for delivery, if you order beer or wine, they cannot deliver it to you because of a local ordinance,” Harmon said. “So, I introduced this as a way to create a seamless web across the state where the rules would all be the same.”

Harmon told WQAD his plan would still respect local community wishes.

“We would maintain local control,” Harmon said. “A municipality could say to a liquor retailer in their community ‘You may not deliver to a customer inside our community,’ but they could not prohibit delivery to outside of their community, nor could they prohibit a resident in their community to receive a delivery from outside the community.”

The idea passed unanimously and is headed to the Illinois House.

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