Want to give back, help kids and make a little cash? The City of Moline is now accepting applications for the position of Crossing Guard. Crossing Guards work mornings between 7:30 - 8:05AM CT and or 2:40 - 3:24PM CT on school days. Afternoon hours fluctuate a little bit because of early dismissals.

You get paid for being a crossing guard too. Pay is $10 a day if you do morning or afternoon crossing guard duties, $20 a day if you work both in the morning and afternoon. That's a $100 a week for helping kids cross the street safely.

The job duties are pretty much what you would expect: Making sure kids adhere to traffic regulations while crossing the street. Making sure traffic allows kids to cross the street safely. A high school diploma, GED and valid Illinois Drivers License is needed to qualify for the job. If you'd like a more complete job description or would like to apply for the position you can apply here.

If I were a Moline resident; I'd do this. It looks like a fun way to give back and make a little walking around money. While it takes commitment, it doesn't take too much time! Of course, I was the captain of the safety patrol in eighth grade so this kind of thing is up my alley.

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