Cross your fingers and your toes – we're supposed to hit almost 90 degrees this week. Beginning today, it's supposed to be consistently warm through the weekend. That means flood clean-up can continue!

For many, the big concern right now is still River Drive. It's been flooded and closed – whether partially, or entirely – for weeks now. But, as of today, the City of Davenport has offered a bit of hope on its status!

In a statement posted to their Facebook page, crews are working to make the road passable:

Due to the amount of sediment on River Drive, it will likely be several more days until we can fully clean. Some areas are still covered in water and not accessible to clean. We will continue to update our flood maps on our website as roadways are re-opened. Re-opening roads will also be dependent upon an inspection of the road to verify there is no pavement failure.
We plan to keep crews on work on this effort on extended hours until the clean-up is complete. The area of the floodwall breech does have significant debris, and we do plan to begin clean-up of that area starting tomorrow.

The statement adds that clean-up will likely extend "at least through Friday if conditions stay favorable."

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