Want the city to hear your thoughts on how to spend government funds? Today's your chance.

The City of Davenport is hosting an opportunity for citizens to provide input on how they use federal block grant funds today Wed., Sept. 4, 5-6 pm in the Davenport Police Department Community Room, 416 N. Harrison. 

Each year, the City of Davenport receives approximately $1 million in Community Development Block Grant funding from the federal government.

Davenport is currently gathering input for its next 5 year plan, which will run from 2020-2024.

According to their Facebook page, the funding can be used by cities to address a variety of needs, but those needs must meet one of the four CDBG National Objectives.
Those objectives are:

• Benefiting low and moderate income persons
• Preventing or eliminating slums or blight
• Meeting urgent community development needs due to serious and immediate threats to health or welfare of the community.

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