Meet JJ "The Chill Hound". He's a greyhound that we adopted a little over two years ago from a greyhound rescue group in Lubbock, Texas. Yet when my wife Kathy and I adopted JJ, it changed my life. I found myself representing the group we adopted him from at meet and greets. I found myself talking to prospective greyhound moms and dads about the joys of greyhound ownership. This summer I even helped exercise and socialize some of these beautiful dogs at the rescue group's kennel I worked with.

One of the first things I did when moving to the Quad Cities was googling to see if there was a greyhound rescue in the area. I was quite excited to find Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption. As we get settled and make the Quad Cities our home I hope to get more involved in helping with the group, but for now I thought one of the easy ways I can help is to let you know about the group and some of their needs.

Quad Cities Greyhound Adoptions has a variety of ways you can help: You can make a monetary donation to the group. You can get involved by volunteering. Donating items the group can use at their kennel. Even leave a living endowment for the hounds. One of the easiest ways to help is to sponsor a crate. Sponsoring a crate provides a greyhound with food, medicine and other supplies.

If you're looking at adding to your pack, I'd urge you to visit their kennel on a Saturday Morning between 9AM-11AM and experience a little greyhound love first hand.



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