Having been injured in an accident where my vehicle was struck by someone who was texting, you will find zero sympathy from me for people who text behind the wheel.  There is absolutely ZERO reason for you to be looking at your phone in the car. ZERO.

Nothing happening in your life is so important that you should be putting yourself and others at risk taking your eyes off the road to look at your phone. NOTHING.

Human beings got by for decades without immediate access to each other in a vehicle. You can get by too.

Our news partners at WQAD report that a bill has been approved by the Iowa Senate, and is making it's way through a House committee, that would hopefully help deter texting while driving. The bill would allow Iowa police to stop folks for suspicion of texting, rather than having to pull them over for something else first.

Read more about the bill here, and please, stay off the phone in the car.

- Craig


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