As someone who was seriously injured by someone who was texting while driving, I have zero tolerance for those who drive so recklessly. Texting while driving is stupid and unnecessary. There is no text you will ever receive that is important enough to warrant you looking at your phone while driving.

Iowa State Patrol officers are employing some clever tactics to catch texters. Some troopers are dressing as construction workers, or driving unmarked RVs and other non-cop type vehicles on the roads.

The unusual tactics are an effort to decrease the hundreds of people injured or killed on Iowa roads by texting drivers.

Iowa's distracted driving legislation went into effect July 1, raising penalties for texting and driving to $100. The offense will also appear on the offender’s driving record, making your insurance a lot more costly.

Unfortunately, Iowa will remain behind in penalizing people for distracted driving. The law won’t cover making phone calls, or using your phone as a GPS while driving.

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