As an Iowan, I have found myself heading over to Iowa's largest waterpark, Lost Island many times! Now it's both a theme park and a waterpark. Something that's truly incredible is that this park has actually won two major awards this year. One for their waterpark, and the other for the theme park.

That means this Iowa park went head to head with some of the biggest theme parks and waterparks in the country. They even beat Disney!

The Waterpark Award

The first award was achieved back in May of 2022. 

Lost Island got second place in USA Today's 10 Best Outdoor Waterparks! The number one spot went to Aquatica Orlando in, Orlando, Florida.

According to "When the summer is at its hottest, millions of visitors head to America's water parks to cool off. We asked a panel of experts to nominate their favorite outdoor water parks in the country for the ultimate day of sun and fun."

Congrats to Lost Island! You can learn more about that award here.

We are honored to be voted #2 in USA Today's 10 Best Outdoor Waterparks in the US for 2022!! Thank you to all who voted for us! We look forward to another season of making memories with your families!

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The Theme Park Award

The newest award was just achieved!

Lost Island Themepark Facebook
Lost Island Themepark Facebook

The dark ride, known as "Volkanu: Quest for the Golden Idol", was named the winner of Best New Family Attraction for 2022 by Amusement Today.  Lost Island owner and general manager Eric Bertsch said,

"When nearly every guest exits saying, 'Let's do that again!' you know the ride must be good."

This time we actually beat Flordia! The runner-up in the category was Remy's Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT-Walt Disney World. HA TAKE THAT DISNEY!

While 2022 Wasn't the best year for Lost Island Theme park, with a shortage of workers, a fire, and a few other issues. Many Iowans were worried about the future... thankfully these two awards show that Lost Island has a very bright future ahead of it!

I can't wait to see this ride, and all the others for myself! You can learn more about this award here.

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