John Deere Road is one of the busiest thoroughfares in the Quad Cities and for the past year plus, it has been a maze of lane and intersection closures. Construction to widen the roadway to three lanes in either direction with additional lanes for turning have made John Deere Road even more congested.

Local 4 News reports that beginning this week John Deere Road lanes will reopen for the winter.

New eastbound lanes will be open to traffic beginning Thursday night at about 9:00pm. Access from 38th Street to eastbound John Deere Road will also reopen later that evening.

On Friday, crews will begin taking down barriers on westbound John Deere Road restoring all three lanes of traffic for the winter. Next Spring crews will tear up and rebuild those lanes as they did the eastbound lanes this summer.

It is hoped the whole project will be completed a ear from now. Here's hoping.

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