You didn't even have the option to zipper merge your way out of traffic congestion last summer as the John Deere Road reconstruction project began.

Last year's work resulted in three beautiful new concrete eastbound lanes from 34th Street through to 70th.

Beginning next week, the westbound lanes will close and traffic will be diverted to the new eastbound lanes in a two-way traffic deal. The westbound ramps to I-74 from John Deere Road will also be closed.

The westbound lanes will be torn up, and rebuilt through the summer, along with work on intersections at 38th, 41st, 53rd, 60th and 70th Streets. When it's all said and done late next year, John Deere Road will be all-new.

In the meantime, take it easy out there in the construction zone. Remember, those are our friends and neighbors in those orange vests.

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