If River Drive is part of your regular commute you're going to want to plan an alternate route. In Davenport the River Drive is closed from Bridge Avenue to Division Street. Detour routes are in place but if you can take a different route, you should.

These closures could be in place for a while.

In Moline, River Drive is closed east of 25th Street. Eastbound traffic is routed to 34th Street and then to 4th Avenue via University Drive. You'll still have access to local businesses at 23rd Street, 34th Street, 41st Street, and 55th Street as flood waters allow. You may want to consider detours via 12th Avenue, Avenue of the Cities, and Illinois 92 (4th Avenue).

Just a reminder, it takes very little water to float a vehicle or to become trapped within your car. Never drive through flood waters or around barricades.

Give yourself a little extra time during your commutes. With the I-74 project and flooding, we'll need to be extra patient and find new ways to our destinations for a while.

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