Lucky dogs set to be euthanized in Texas have been relocated to Davenport for a second and third chance.

Six more dogs have arrived at King's Harvest Pet Rescue in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The dogs came from one of the many  overpopulated Texas shelters being forced to euthanize their animals. Kings Harvest shelter workers say almost all of the dogs are sick, but will be up for adoption once they're healthy again. According to an story, the shelter expects more dogs to move in because pet shelters in Texas are still full.

Employees at King's Harvest say the animals have been sitting in shelters since the storm; many needing medical care are not properly cared for nor are they being adopted. Many dogs and cats that were displaced during Hurricane Harvey haven't found homes and are still there.

The QC shelter says the biggest need at the moment here are donations to cover medical needs. Here's how you can help. Donate here.

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