Are you frightened or put off by the thought of nude bodies? Are you so shy that even when you’re home alone you shower with the bathroom door closed so that the cat won’t see you naked?

Or are you a free spirit willing to, in a manner of speaking, to let it all hang out?

I must admit that I once was on a clothing optional beach in Mexico and for the good of international relations opted to remain in a swim suit. Although there are those that might think that was enough to touch off an international incident.

Are you surprised to know that there is a nudist resort within 35 miles of the Quad Cities? According to their website it is not clothing optional but no clothing required.

The Blue Lake Resort is located in Erie, Illinois and according to the website is a “family oriented nudist park.” The grounds include a clubhouse, pool, a beach and sporting and volleyball areas. Plus a camp ground and a small hotel.

So now that I have your attention and curiosity. Would you go? Forget what your neighbor might think or if the people at the PTA found out. Do you have the courage to spike a volleyball in your birthday suit? Keeping in mind that the first Olympics were nude contests.

Adult beverages are allowed if that helps.

After some thought and a look in the mirror I pretty much decided no one needs to see that. But given the fact that there seem to be so many people eager to share so much of themselves on social media I get the feeling that my modesty may place me in the minority.

So what do you think? Will you be road tripping any time soon?

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