When it comes to Colorado I guess those of us that don't live there think that it is a fairly progressive state, given that they have legal recreational marijuana. On a recent visit I was surprised that there seemed to be at least one dispensary on nearly every corner. Before you ask, no I did not go in, nor did I purchase anything.

That being said I was a little surprised to see this story from our news partner WQAD TV, that Colorado is looking to ban the sale of cell phones to children under 13. 

Called Initiative 29 the bill would require retailers to check proof of age for anyone appearing under the age of 13 and prohibit the sale of cell phones or smart phones to those under the restricted age. Fines would range from $500 up to $20,000 for repeated violations.

The idea, in part, is that not having a cell phone would encourage children to "put down their phones and join the real world."

Editorial comment. This is one of the stupider laws I have seen proposed lately. Trying to legislate a certain kind of activity? Does this lead to the banning of sales of video games to those under 13?

Please share your thoughts.



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